Why the New Canaan Public Schools are the best

data blogJune 10, 2020

The following article is a contribution from a New Canaan High School senior outlining their favorite aspects of life in New Canaan. The author’s views are their own.

Why the New Canaan Public Schools are the best

One of the most positive influences on teens who grow up in New Canaan is the community’s nationally renowned school district. There are many factors that come into play to help make our schools the best. Whether it is the teachers, athletic facilities, or the resources, New Canaan public schools (NCPS) have it all.

Stellar Teachers

Just like the coaches, the teachers are spectacular. Many of the teachers have been working within NCPS for years. With our evenly sized classrooms, teachers are able to initiate discussion and interact with students. Some of my fondest memories and relationships from NCPS have been with my teachers. NCPS and its teachers make a commitment to ensure all students have equal access to quality learning and there is always enough extra help.

Exceptional Athletic Programs

New Canaan’s athletic programs are known throughout Fairfield County. We have several grass and turf fields, indoor basketball courts, a YMCA, a track, and access to numerous country clubs and rinks. We even have a squash and ski team! Access to these extracurricular activities and travel programs begin as early as middle school.

Many of the pre-high school sports programs are run by parents contributing to the family-oriented nature of New Canaan. By high school, one-of-a-kind coaches have brought us multiple state and FCIAC champions to a wide range of sports - for both boys and girls. There is also a wide array of clubs that NCPS supports.

Even in elementary school, students were being encouraged by on-campus groups to get involved in their community and school. Also, there are clubs like the National Charity League and Model United Nations that are widely supported and funded that begin in middle school and continue through high school.

Access to Resources

Learning is facilitated by the boundless resources that are available. In elementary school, I remember being able to learn about sea creatures in Norwalk while visiting the state capital in Hartford.

By the time I was in high school, I was able to go on a field trip to the Netherlands to participate in a Model United Nations conference. Additionally, NCPS is committed to “bring your own device” by providing laptops and iPads to students who do not have access. The technology available in our school gave us a wide array of learning techniques.

Being an alum of the NCPS system, I feel fully prepared for my future in higher education and eventually working in a great career.

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