Wear Everything in Your Closet With Help From Closet Curator

data blogJune 2, 2020

A simple compliment from a friend many years ago was the inspiration for the New Canaan business Closet Curator.

Susan Singer was a mother with two daughters who were about to begin college when the friend mentioned that she liked the way Singer styled herself. It was the impetus for Singer to open Closet Curator, a business that has helped hundreds of clients in New Canaan and the surrounding communities repurpose clothes that may have been hanging in their closets for months into new outfits.

When people hire Singer, they aren’t required to spend thousands to buy new clothes. She will help her clients learn to maximize what’s already in their closets to create multiple outfits or styles, or she will help them shop for new clothes that complement what they already own.

“I help women, and some men, define their style,” Singer said. “I’m not a red-carpet stylist, and I’m not a stylist who wants to create magazine-type photo shoots. What I try to do is help every client develop their own everyday style.”

Her method has certainly worked. Singer’s business is nearly 11 years old and she often works with clients on multiple occasions. She first meets with clients to determine if they are a working professional or a stay-at-home mom or dad. She takes into consideration the client’s age, budget and personal tastes. From there, she takes a look inside their closet.

Every item of clothing is inspected and photographed, and Singer begins to piece together outfits from what is already there. Closet Curator then acts as a personal shopper, taking clients to clothing stores for items that will enhance the existing wardrobe. Every client is eventually given a “look book” so they remember each outfit that was created.

Singer says her business has been a perfect match for her. After working for years in retail clothing stores when she was young, Singer said Closet Curator has allowed her to use her creativity and design skills to do something she loves. It’s also helped her develop useful digital skills such as photography, web design and social media marketing.

Get more information about Closet Curator at www.closetcurator.com or call 203.253.2408. You can also find Closet Curator on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.