Voices Hosts Mindfulness and Self-Compassion Workshop Feb. 23

data blogFebruary 17, 2022

We can all use a little help managing stress, facing our daily challenges, and building more compassionate personal relationships.

If you need a little boost in any of these areas, register for the Mindfulness and Self-Compassion virtual workshop on Wednesday, February 23 that is being hosted by the nonprofit Voices Center for Resilience.

The noon workshop is free and is the second of five virtual events from Voices that are designed to build personal and community resilience. Participants will evaluate the context of current events and be asked to consider their ability to cope when faced with certain situations.

Participants will also be asked to build answers to questions such as:

  • How does the role of resilience help to manage negative effects?
  • Are people born resilient?
  • Can resilience be learned and developed?

The series is being facilitated by Carolina Bautista-Velez and Katerine Manners, two of the foremost authorities in trauma-informed practices to promote resilience. Bautista-Velez is a clinical psychologist who specializes in social psychology while Manners is a therapist and co-founder of Resilience Works, an organization that provides training and consulting to agencies that provide support to trauma survivors.

At the conclusion of the workshop, there will be a live discussion that will be facilitated by VOICES staff.

Banner image for the VOICES Center for Resilience Mindfulness and Self Compassion