Nantucket Monogram At Home In New Canaan

data blogSeptember 29, 2020
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A zip code analysis of customers who had visited her monogram business on Nantucket Island convinced Brooke Booth where she would relocate her business a few years later.

In 2016, Booth moved her family and her business — Nantucket Monogram — to New Canaan. The impetus for the move was the zip code analysis done years earlier that showed half of the customers who came to her small business on the island were from Fairfield County, and many of those were from New Canaan.

Booth says her “connection” with New Canaan has worked out in more ways than one. Her business on Elm Street seems to have survived the COVID-19 shutdown, while her daughter, Lulu, adjusted easily to the move from Massachusetts and is now a junior at New Canaan High School.

It was an easier move than I anticipated

“It was an easier move than I anticipated,” Booth says. “We came here so my daughter could go to better schools and (Lulu) was all for that decision. And the people here in New Canaan were very welcoming when we arrived.”

Booth says Nantucket Monogram is not your typical monogram shop. The business also provides embroidery services, personalized gifts, and home design and decor. Many of the services at Nantucket Monogram incorporate Booth’s training as an interior designer, her mother’s own successful monogramming business, and her grandmother’s skills as a seamstress.

As with any business in 2020, Booth has found creative ways to sell products during the COVID-19 shutdown. Because she had a collection of great fabrics, Booth and her mother began sewing facemasks. The revenue from facemask sales helped her store weather the shutdown, and there is now an amazing selection of facemasks for people to purchase.

“I would have never thought that a situation being so bad, that such a great thing could come out of it as far as me being a single mom and being able to support my family,” Booth says. “It was fun and very therapeutic and I could work on these masks with my mother at home.”

Bringing together interior design and monogramming

Booth will embroider or monogram almost anything. Besides the traditional monogramming of shirts and towels, Booth says she works on a lot of sentimental items such as pillows, holiday stockings, and garment bags. Items that bring together interior design and monogramming include custom headboards or lamps.

“You can kind of create a very, very unique room by doing everything extremely custom, and it doesn’t have to be that costly,” Booth says. “It can be so much fun working with clients and creating something that they will be happy about for years to come.”

Nantucket Monogram is open Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. The store is open for appointments only on Sundays.

If you can’t visit Booth’s Elm Street boutique, check out all the gifts and services available at Nantucket Monogram by going to https://nantucketmonogram.com/ or calling 203.594.6067.