Looking to Buy a Home? A New Canaan Realtor Can Be Your Best Friend

data blogApril 22, 2021
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You may think that buying a house is just a question of searching “buy a home” online and going to open houses independently without the aid of a local professional Realtor to guide you.

You may be thinking, “I just want to look at what’s out there and I don’t want to be tied down.”

That’s a great way to spin your wheels, miss out on listings, and lose bids in this highly competitive sellers’ market.

But if you enlist a local New Canaan Realtor to be your eyes and ears 24/7 and keep you up on the latest market activity, you’ll stand a much better chance of success in finding homes and winning the bid.

After all, they’re the pros, working 7 days a week, monitoring the market, and helping buyers and sellers every day to navigate the ever-changing scene and make it all the way to closing day. And did we mention, their tireless services are usually free to buyers? Their commission in the vast majority of cases is paid by the seller.

If you decide to go ahead and try to do it all yourself, fair warning! Here Are 7 Reasons You Should Choose to Work With a New Canaan Realtor When Buying a Home.

1. It Is An Emotional Roller Coaster

A study of 2,000 homebuyers by Homes.com found that the homebuying process brings one-third of people to tears

And it is easy to see why. A home is so much more than bricks and shingles. A home brings countless memories, sentimental attachments, and storied history. For most people, the property is by far the most significant investment they will make. Having a third party operating on your behalf and in a fiduciary capacity helps you stay focused. A Realtor is a rock of stability during an otherwise tumultuous time. There is a reason why doctors do not operate on themselves or their families.

2. You Can Find A Better Deal

In a normal market, a real estate agent can potentially use their influence, data, experience, inside information, and negotiation prowess to get a lower price on a house for a buyer. In today’s competitive market, where multiple bids are commonplace, a local Realtor can help you position yourself best to win the bid.

Unbeknownst to many, properties may be technically available but not advertised as such. There are also cases where something might be showing up as available, yet it is no longer on the market.

A Realtor can help leverage hidden opportunities and save you time and disappointment. Rather than sifting through thousands of listings online, find someone to do the heavy lifting for you.

And perhaps most important these days, a savvy Realtor can help you best position yourself to win the bid in this competitive market.

3. Know the Best Neighborhoods for You

With a Realtor by your side, you have a local guide about schools, commuting, shopping, etc. You have someone in your corner who can give you intimate access to local information you may not be able to access independently.  New Canaan Realtors understand the town better than anyone else because they have to, and in many cases have lived here for years. As such, they can help identify exactly what you are looking for in your search and uncover opportunities you might not otherwise have found.

A Realtor, particularly one who lives in the area where you are searching, knows the market like the back of their hand. They help you zero in on neighborhoods that match your unique needs.

44% of buyers say their real estate agent improved their knowledge of search areas during their house hunt. With years of experience exploring their territory, agents are your best resource for deep local knowledge you won’t find online.

Even better, local real estate agents share community knowledge such as joining the Newcomer’s Club, suggesting sports activities for kids, and the most popular seasonal events in town so you can get a taste of the local flavor.

4. Find More Than A Home

When buying a house, buyers predominantly judge houses from a personal standpoint: Could I imagine living here? Does this house suit my family’s needs? Can I build an addition or put in a pool down the road?

When looking at homes, a good agent will walk you through the pros of the property and share what home values are doing in that neighborhood. For instance, some floor plans might be suitable for your lifestyle, but when you resell, they may not appeal to a majority of buyers.

Here are some of the features that many buyers are looking for today and will likely be advantages when you sell in the future:
– Open floor plans
– Flat backyards
– Updated kitchens and baths
– Quiet neighborhoods
– Convenience for commuting

For some, there are property-value boosters such as proximity to our two train stations and walkable town center. For others, lots of property and privacy are the most important features.  New Canaan has both these types of homes and lots in between. With years of experience buying and selling properties in New Canaan, your agent has a pulse on which homes will best suit your individual needs and retain their value.

5. Avoid Getting Blindsided by For Sale By Owners

Countless surprises can spring up on For Sale By Owner-listed homes (otherwise known as “FSBO”).

The overwhelming majority of people buying a home are using a real estate agent. If by chance you find a home listed by the owner, having a Realtor who represents you in the deal can be invaluable in helping you understand the process and negotiate the sale at the right price.

For most people, they will not be buying homes regularly throughout their life. Even if they are, it may be years or decades between purchases. Laws and regulations change over time. New Canaan Realtors must stay in the know, and because they are handling dozens and dozens of listing in New Canaan and surrounding towns in the course of their career, they help ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible and get you the best purchase price and terms possible.

6. Managing the Paperwork

A home sale brings with it a mountain of paperwork. This can include pre-approval letters, proof of funds, offer binders, property disclosures, a variety of state-mandated forms, mortgage documents, closing documents, and more.

Realtors can help you understand and manage the paperwork – they do it all the time!

When you decide to buy and sign the binding contract and legal agreements, it is not the same as saying “I agree” to the latest Instagram update. Many recent buyers say the paperwork is the most challenging step. With dozens of pages of legal jargon and fine print, you will want a real estate agent by your side to decipher, inform and advise. Being a Realtor is their full-time job, after all, and they are adept at catching oversights, which can cost time and money.

They’ve perused hundreds of these documents in their time, so they are adept at catching costly oversights like missing key dates or exclusions from the seller.

7. A Realtor is Your Boots on the Ground

While you are busy with your day job and family demands, local Realtors are in the market every day. They hear about things before they come on the market, and they talk to each other. When they get to know you and understand your needs, they can be your local eyes and ears every day and help you get to homes that specifically meet your needs. And, when it comes time to make an offer, they can advise you on the best strategy to win the bid.

In short, a Realtor usually costs a buyer nothing but pays big dividends in service, knowledge, loyalty, and peace of mind while you go through the process of making perhaps the biggest investment of your life.