It’s A Snow Day! Happy Holidays!

data blogDecember 17, 2020
A Letter from Dr. Bryan Luizzi

Parents, kids, and students are thrilled to have a snow day today, December 17th, after New Canaan saw more snow in one day than the entire winter season last year.

A letter from Dr. Bryan Luizzi, Superintendent of schools, has brought tears of joy to some parents after a challenging year amidst the global pandemic.

The letter states:

Dear NCPS Community,

This year, the Connecticut State Board of Education revised their policy to permit districts to count snow days as school days if all students and staff participate in remote learning on that day.

We thought about it.

We're not doing that.

We're calling a real Snow Day.

Tomorrow, December 17, 2020 is officially a Snow Day for everyone in the New Canaan Public Schools.  It is a day for students, faculty, and staff to sleep in, eat a big breakfast, watch the snow fall, go sledding, drink hot chocolate, read a good book by the fire, and enjoy some of what makes childhood so wonderful and living in New England so special.

We are closing our schools, our offices, and our laptops tomorrow. There will be no buses, no classes, and absolutely no Zooming.

In their place, we hope you have a day full of laughter, fun, excitement, and joy, and time to get outside, build a snow-man, go sledding, and celebrate the first snow day of the year.

It has taken enormous effort and resolve to keep our schools safe and our doors open since August 30th, and unless the weather is even worse than expected, we'll be back at it on Friday.  But that's a whole day away.  Tomorrow, I hope you and your family can relax, enjoy the day together, and make some lifelong family memories filled with love and joy.

Stay safe and warm, and have a wonderful snow day!



Dr. Luizzi put the question to students, "with the storm coming, what should we do about school tomorrow"? See the answer in this fun video below:

New Canaan Public Schools Snow Day 12/17/2020