In Focus Friday: Press Burger

data blogJuly 3, 2020
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In Focus Friday: Press Burger

Good food may not be a reason to move to a specific community, but it’s certainly a positive once you relocate. New Canaan, for example, has a variety of excellent restaurants and pick-up food locations. However, there is one eatery in particular that not only has the best burgers in town, but an exceptional team as well.

Press Burger has been around for almost 10 years now, and continues to be one of the most popular spots in New Canaan. It’s known mainly for delicious hamburgers, hot dogs, and most importantly, the special sauce. All members of the Press Burger team make a significant contribution, that without them, the place wouldn’t be the same.

John, Co-Owner and Partner, wakes up early to prepare at least 150 meals before opening and still manages to open on time. He is there everyday, testing and tasting to make improvements to the ingredients. He is always encouraging new things, saying “let’s try this out!” John grew up in Darien, and moved to Stamford ten years ago. He purchased a home in Silvermine bordering New Cannan, just three miles from Press Burger. John has worked in many different locations, but none like Press Burger. He cannot thank his customers enough for the level of support the restaurant has received, especially through the last couple of rough months due to COVID-19. John's wife has worked in New Canaan for a number of years as well, and together they enjoy being a part of the community.

Seth, the founder of Press Burger, lives in New York City. Seth had the opportunity to open a Press Burger in NYC, but loved the way New Canaan felt. He mentioned that it “did not have the New York feeling.” When Seth was searching for a location to open Press Burger, he had a great initial experience with the landlord Kate Bonner, who he says was “so great to begin with and very collaborative.” This gave him the confidence he needed to feel comfortable and secure with his choice of a location. For the last 10 years, he has been nothing but pleased with the way the community treats the team. Just like John, he is extremely grateful for the New Canaan community and the way customers treat their staff.

Laura Azzara, another manager, lives in Litchfield and prior to working at Press Burger, Laura worked at the Country Club of New Canaan. She was a great addition to the team because she was already friendly with a large portion of the customers that eat regularly at Press Burger. Laura has also worked in a health department, and cleanliness is her top priority. Because of Laura, Press Burger is able to provide its customers with an extra sanitary and safe environment where they can enjoy their meals.

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The team has made many contributions in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19. Press Burger opened an outside station where customers can place an order, and watch their food be cooked from start to finish. All members of the team always wear masks and gloves, while taking all COVID-19 related precautions.

They even hired another employee to help with deliveries. When Press Burger was asked if they wanted to partake in the New Canaan relief action, made by Mike Peterson, they were thrilled about the opportunity. They raised enough money for 100 meals, delivering 50 to the Stamford Hospital, and 50 to the New Canaan hospital. Press Burger also included their french fry company, Lamb Weston, who generously offered to donate cases of french fries, in the next community effort to raise additional donations for frontline workers.

Press Burger is promoting their sauces for online and in-store orders. Starting with their station and spicy sauces, however they are in the process of working on other options. They have also created a Burger kit, which you can find information on below.


It has not been an easy process for Press Burger to adjust to the COVID-19 outbreak. But each member of the team made significant contributions in order to continue customer satisfaction and safety. They have all agreed that the New Canaan community has been a huge help through this time and they could not be more thankful.

Thank you Press Burger for all of your contributions to the community. You have been, and will continue to be, a wonderful part of New Canaan.