Highlighting New Canaan’s Local Businesses

data blogJune 19, 2020
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What truly makes New Canaan so special is the number of local businesses in our town that contribute to the walkable and family-oriented nature of the community. I’d like to highlight my three favorite spots in town: Pine Street, Forest Street, and Elm Street.


Pine Street seems to be where all the teenagers flock throughout the day. As you make your way to the end of the road, you're welcomed by Tony’s Deli, CT Sandwich, Zumbach’s coffee and the new food hall. I grew up being rewarded with Tony’s after sports games, and as a high schooler. I witnessed kids grabbing sandwiches from CT Sandwich and Tony’s and freshly ground coffee from Zumbach’s every day before school, during free periods and lunch, and after school.

You won’t go through the hallway at the high school without seeing someone with something from Zumbach’s in their hand. It is also an easy, quick walk from the center of town. Pine Street is even better with the new modern food hall offering Japanese, Italian, and California-style food.

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Forest Street’s initial look was meant to be modeled after a European alleyway. The one-way road is lined with restaurants and stores contributing to that European feel.

Tucked away next to the center of town, you will always see it lined with people at night,whether it’s at restaurants like Cava and Tequila Mockingbird or grabbing dessert at Gelatissimo -- my brother claims the gelato is even better than in Italy. For the last year, I have worked at the family-owned Athletic Shoe Factory, which is a great place to shop for all the athletes in town.

Finally, Elm Street is the center of town. Another one-way road, it lends itself to being walkable. During Christmastime, it hosts the Holiday Stroll, and the trees lining the street are filled with lights. Restaurants and cafes line the street on either side. Beyond the food, Elm Street has the most shops in town -- anything from antiques to clothes.

The best part is that most of Elm Street is home to local businesses. It is hard not to get lost on Elm Street as you can grab breakfast and coffee at Dolce, an Italian cafe, lunch at Rosie’s, spend the afternoon shopping at Elm Street Bookstore or the Whitney Shop, have dinner at my favorite restaurant in town, Sole, and finish the night with a movie at the theater.

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